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Software Programmer
Software Programmer

Embedding business intelligence (BI)

Embedding business intelligence (BI) for an independent software vendor (ISV) is the process of integrating analytical capabilities into a software product. By leveraging a leader in embedding Business intelligence software, ISVs can benefit from access to powerful analytics tools, increased user engagement and growth in customer relationships. The integration of BI solutions into the ISV’s existing applications allows users to gain insights from their data quickly and easily. With embedded BI, customers of the ISV's software benefit from greater visibility into their operations and faster decision-making capabilities. Additionally, partnering with a leader in BI embedding software can help ISVs reach new markets and generate additional revenue streams.

Enterprise business intelligence

Business intelligence software like Yellowfin BI provides enterprises and organizations with a range of benefits to help them improve their decision-making processes. With Yellowfin BI, users can easily access up-to-date, accurate metrics and analytics to make more informed decisions. Additionally, the software offers interactive dashboards, visualizations, and reports that enable stakeholders to quickly identify trends and correlations in data. To ensure high standards of security for organizations’ confidential information, traditional licensing is available both on cloud services and on-premise environments.

 Professional service

 Jurigo GmbH is a leading provider of business intelligence and professional services. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions to help companies gain insight into their data and make informed decisions. We specialize in developing custom analytics solutions that enable clients to quickly identify trends, spot opportunities, and mitigate risks. With our solutions, our clients are able to make quick and accurate decisions confidently backed by data. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to problem solving and look forward to helping you tackle your business intelligence challenges with ease.rofessional service

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